Stephen Neill


Sunday 4/21/13 - To Live & Love Like Jesus - 

Easter Service 2013 - FBC (25 min. scroll down for video selection.  Short clips are divided into 5 min. sections below.)

Closing to Easter message - 2013

The Wedding of Tim and Lexi MacDougall - January 12, 2012

Easter Invite opening of church service 2013.

Baptism Service - 2012 -

Opening video for Palm Sunday 2012.  Easter Invite 

Easter 2013 divided into 5 min segments

Steve Neill pt 1 (1st 5 min) Opening/Tombs from around the world/Car ride

Steve Neill pt 2 (2nd 5 min) If there is no resurrection there is no faith, forgiveness of future. Do you believe in an empty tomb or an occupied tomb.  What are you hoping will bring you to a better place?

Steve Neill pt 3 (3rd 5 min) Repair a broken relationship/Christ not risen/ What's the big deal/  No risen Savior - No Faith, Forgiveness, Future

Steve Neill pt 4 (4th 5 min) Yes a Risen Savior - Real Faith, Forgiveness, Future, There is a better place - Relationship with Christ and a Home in Heaven

Closing Illustration and video - Missionary in Brazil, came to rescue the people from their disease but they would not follow till he passed from one side to the other.  Jesus came to Earth to rescue you and I from a disease called sin, passed through from this life to the next,.  He is the only one risen within His own power defeating death and Hell.  He now lives to offer us faith, forgiveness and a future with Him and in heaven.