Stephen Neill


Sermon Slides: scan down for more messages and videos used in each message.

Marked for Living A study in I Corinthians
Begins May 19th, 2013

Five Star Joy - Philip. 4:1-21

5 Snap Shots of Power - Part of the Study through Mark

Mark 1:16-42

Pionering Spirit of Joy - Philip 1:12-18

Moving forward in joy - Philip. 1:18b-30

Mothers Day: Leveraging a Legacy Mt. 20:20-28

Videos used for message:

Worry Wart - Philip. 4:1-9

High Road Travelers - James 2:1-13

Videos used: Some were edited due to length

Tongue Twisters _ James 3:1-11

Videos used for message:

Examination- 7 practices that keep you from flatlining in conflict.

Video used -