Stephen Neill



  • Paid staff under my direction and guidance - Pastor of teen praise teams, Youth Administrative Assistant and Outreach Administrative assistant.
  • Directed services, deacons, staff needs and people needs (Benevolence, hospital visits etc.) while Pastors traveled.
  • Shepherd the summer interns during their summer programs. At least three interns per summer.
  • Growth of a Youth Ministry from 5 to 175 average attendance on multiple campuses.
  • Cultivating and enlarging a Youth group of 35 to 280 average attendance.
  • Trained, guided and directed a volunteer staff to over 60 people ministering to the needs of teenagers and their parents. 
  • Taught multiple Adult Bible Studies, Sunday School classes, Parent Teen and Child Classes
  • Counseled various avenues: suicides, Multiple Pact suicides, marriage issues, personal male and female issues, child and teen issues 
  • Personally discipled, baptized and led multiple people to Christ 
  • Conducted various weddings, baptisms, communion services, special holiday services and funerals


  • Organized, trained and developed leaders serving in children's and youth ministries covering multiple services (4) and multiple campuses.
  • Broadened, advanced and created an annual Teen evangelistic outreach to the communities of Nashua New Hampshire reaching over 600 teens and staffing up to 75 volunteers. $ 2,000 budget for the three day event.
  • Area and community wide creation seminar for three days reaching to over 1,000 people
  • Develop, organize and direct staff members in an all-night evangelistic outreach program for three years over 600 teens in attendance ~ Bible Center Church - cost for the event approximately $20,000, charge for the event was $40 per teen.
  • Restoration and growing a daily coffee shop, reaching to the parents of students in our school and to the public serving a simple breakfast, coffee and love of Jesus.  Served on average 125 daily, staffed 10 people weekly and a budget of $12,000 for the year.


  • Purchase adjacent properties of up to $250,000 for Merrimack Valley Baptist Church
  • Renovated the Senior Pastors parsonage with local teams of contractors. $125,000 project 
  • Planned, strategized and provided guidance on new church building.
  • Discussed and planned with town officials, architects, project manager, survey companies, Electric companies etc. . .  for the churches new facility.  $5 million + project
  • Co-ordinated a community wide celebration concert and Sunday Morning worship services hosting Todd Agnew, his band and Nate Sallie.  This involved organizing, leading and directing to secure Baseball Park for venue, food teams, security teams, leaders and greeters, registration teams and various other responsibilities.  This event reached over 300 teenagers and thousands from our area and church.
  • Assisted and guided meetings with architects, project managers and building team and church.